Friday, May 2, 2014

Adblock Plus filters for Facebook

I don't use Facebook much but do use it. Facebook has been getting worse and worse about throwing junk in my face that I care nothing about and today Adblock Plus added filters specific to Facebook ads.

There are 3 options.
  • Block all Facebook annoyances
  • Block only sidebar annoyances
  • Block only news feed annoyances

Just go here, scroll down and make your selection. If you don't have Adblock Plus installed you can get it from the official Adblock Plus website.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Windows 8.1 update available (04/28/2014)

This is the new OS update for Windows 8.1 Update 1 (KB2919355).

This update includes 2 security updates KB2922229 and KB2936068. They can be found by running Windows Update. If they are not showing in your updates they should be pushed to your computer sometime today. You may be prompted to restart the computer following the KB2922229 and KB2936068 updates. You will then receive KB2919355 that is the actual Windows 8.1 Update 1.
Important! This is a new OS being installed so back up your personal files and folders before beginning the update. Save the backups somewhere other than the computer you are updating. For example save backups to a flash drive or cloud service.

* If you decide to install the updates manually from the Microsoft Download Center website be sure you have all previous Windows updates installed. Unless you are a System Administrator or IT Professional it's usually best to let Windows Update download and install updates instead of updating manually.

More information: Windows 8.1 Update – important refinements to the Windows experience

Get security updates automatically. Turn on automatic updating in Control Panel.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

AVG warns, 'The Car Hacks are Coming'

Read the full story at the AVG Blog. What Needs to be done before the Car Hacks Come
AVG believes consumers should understand what is being transmitted and in the future, we see the entertainment console in a connected car as another device that needs the same protection.
Watch the video.

Friday, March 7, 2014

WiFi Virus - A growing threat

This blog entry is inspired by the Malwarebytes Blog article, Chameleon WiFi Virus Spreads Like a Cold

Most home users today have a wireless router so they can connect other computer devices at home without having to pay for multiple internet connections. This is a great convenience since a good WiFi router can be bought for as little as $20 it is also a great savings compared to paying extra data fees from your mobile service provider. It could be disastrous though if you don't secure or encrypt your WiFi signal.

WiFi routers come with the ability to password protect the signal.. While most have a default password some people don't think they need to change it. You do! Changing the password should not be put off especially when it only takes a few minutes. Changing the password will help keep people from stealing things like your identity from you. Just look in the User Manual for directions on how to change the password.

Always use a strong password. Using "password" for a password is never a good idea!
Avoid public networks and WiFi hotspots. Public networks are insecure networks. The bad guys have scanners they can use on insecure networks that capture all of the data being transmitted on the network. That means things like user names, passwords, texts, emails, credit and debit card information.

Monday, February 10, 2014

How to disable the camera shutter sound in Android

Most Android devices have the basic same functions across all manufacturers and carriers but when it comes to the little things, camera settings for example, some have more features then others. It comes down to what the manufacturer and/or mobile carrier decide to include or exclude.

I recently wanted to disable the camera shutter sound on my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4. I looked in the camera settings and found all sorts of different settings but there is nothing that allows me to control the shutter sound. A web search turned up a small app called Enforced Stream Silencer. It's a safe and easy way to silence the camera shutter sound and the best part is it works on non-rooted devices.

To install. Visit the Enforced Stream Silencer homepage on your mobile device.
Select the link under Link to APK: to download the EnforcedStreamSilencer.apk to your device.
Open the EnforcedStreamSilencer.apk to run the installer. Be sure to activate it once it is installed.

Open the apk and choose Install

The next option is Open

Then select the box next to Disable STREAM_SYSTEM_ENFORCED

Once there is a check mark in the box then Enforced Stream Silencer is activated.
Press the Home button to exit the setup.

Windows 8 Update Notifier

Windows 8 does not alert users to new Windows Updates like previous versions of Windows. Some people like Windows to "be quiet" and not alert them to updates for various reasons and Microsoft decided to stop the alerts in Windows 8. For those of us who do rely on notifications to important Windows Updates this is a good free solution. Patch Tuesday is easy to forget about especially when we have never needed to remember it, until now.

Windows 8 Update Notifier Homepage
"Windows 8 do not offer a desktop notification about new available Windows Updates. You can choose the option "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download them" within the Windows Update Settings, but you will not be informed about new updates via a popup on the desktop (as it was in windows 7). Only on the logon screen you can see a hint in the bottom right corner."

Windows 8 Update Notifier does not install or run by default at startup so be sure to see the documentation page for install instructions and Screenshots if you prefer to have it running all of the time.

The instructions  tell you to place the WindowsUpdateNotifier.exe in your Startup folder located at:
  • C:\Users\{User Name}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
Simply Cut/Paste or Copy/Paste WindowsUpdateNotifier.exe from where you downloaded it to into the Windows Startup folder.

Newer versions of Windows 8 Update Notifier allows for Windows Defender updates to install automatically. When monthly Patch Tuesday updates are ready you will have to open Windows Update and download/install them manually.

Features- Is shown as a icon in the system tray
- Inform about updates via a popup
- Search for new updates every hour (by default)
- Open the windows update dialog by clicking the popup (or via the context menu)
- Disabling popup-notification temporarily (updates will be searched but no popup will be shown).
Can be useful for disabling notifications during presentations.
- If connection to the update-service can not be established, retry every 30 seconds. for 10 times.
- Four icons states: "searching", "updates found", "no updates available", "not connected"
- Settings dialog for changing update interval and configuring the app as auto startup.
- Select between two popup-styles: The Windows 7 Style and the Metro Style.
- Support for automatically installing Windows Defender updates