Sunday, January 5, 2014

Unchecky helps you avoid installing adware

Installing software is one of the first things most Windows users learn how to do. Along the way it's probably safe to say that we have all noticed that what we installed included some extra software or worse some adware that was nothing short of frustrating. Unchecky helps you avoid installing adware and extra software but that doesn't mean you can just install Unchecky and experience care free installs.  

It's important to remember to pay attention when installing software! The best method to avoid installing adware is to pay attention during the install process. Don't just click the 'Next' 'OK' and 'Accept' buttons as soon as they appear. Read the terms and uncheck anything that is extra additions to the software you are installing.
Unchecky helps you keep check-boxes un-checked

Using Unchecky as a second line of defense while installing software may just keep you from installing extra baggage in the form of adware or even other software that you were not intending to install but be aware. Unchecky does uncheck unwanted boxes during most installs but it is not 100% foolproof and sometimes misses. Always follow the install process closely and uncheck anything that Unchecky misses.

Visit the Unchecky Homepage for more information and to download the software.

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