Saturday, January 18, 2014

Have you been pwned?

What is pwned? Pwned, also typed as pwnd is internet slang derived from the words own or owned, as meaning to conquer or to gain ownership over someone. It basically means "to own" or to be dominated by someone or something.

Have I been pwned? is a website that lets you check to see if your email account or online username has been compromised, stolen or more commonly known as "hacked."

Just visit and enter your details in the search box and click 'pwned?' The results normally come back very fast and hopefully you will see the "Good news — no pwnage found!" message. Check as many email accounts or online usernames as you would like.

Now what if you do a search and get the "Oh no — pwned on X sites!" message? This can be alarming but it does not immediately indicate that your email account or online username has been compromised. Just scroll down to see the reason(s) given for the alert. If you have an account on a website that is publicly viewable and that website has had security issues in the past you may want to go to the given website and create a new password. Reputable websites that have had security issues will have fixed the problem and creating a new password should be enough to keep your account safe.

If your account has been hacked then you should still try to change the password. As long as your email address is still active on the account then changing the password will keep the hacker out and they will have to re-hack the account if they want back in. A strong password will keep most accounts safe.

How to create a strong password suggestions:

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