Sunday, January 12, 2014

Google Opt-Out Settings

Google+ is a social networking and identity service that Google is constantly working to improve. Google is also constantly working to increase the number of users and traffic to Google+ and those efforts come in the form of fewer restrictions on G+ user accounts. If you have a Google account then you most likely have a G+ account. Here are a few ways to lock down your account so Google can not freely target advertising with information found in your account and so Google and other people can not see and share your profile information.

Opt out of shared endorsements
To opt out of shared endorsements, visit the Shared Endorsements page in your settings and scroll to the bottom. Uncheck the box that reads, 'Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads.' Then click Save.

Opt out of Google+ email changes
If you don't want Google+ users contacting you, opt out by by visiting your Gmail settings page and click the General tab. Find the setting 'Email via Google+' and click the drop down menu. You can choose to receive email from anyone on Google+ including extended circles, circles, or no one. Select your preferred setting and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Opt out of Google+
Go to your Google+ settings page. At the very bottom is the option 'Disable Google+.' Google will show you a list of data that will be removed if you delete your Google+ account. This includes your posts and comments, your +1s, and your public Google profile. If you consent to what information remains and what is deleted, check the box at the bottom and click 'Remove selected services.'

Stay secure and private
With Google, you have a variety of tools that can help keep you safe and keep your information private and secure. Here are some of our most popular tools that help make Google work better for you.

Opt out of ads
You can opt out of interest-based ads by Google through Ads Settings. When you opt out, you’ll still see ads but they may not be related to factors such as your interests or demographic details.

Save your opt-out preference permanently
With this browser plugin you can permanently opt out of the DoubleClick cookie, which is an advertising cookie that Google uses. The plugin lets you keep your opt-out status for this browser even when you clear all cookies.

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