Thursday, January 9, 2014

About Android junk file cleaner and RAM boosters

 If you have ever looked in the Google Play Store for an app to "clean" your device then you know that the list of options is very long. But the thing is, do you really need one?

In short. No. You don't. If your device is getting stuck or running slow then just restart it. A restart should clear up any performance issues due to RAM or buggy apps.

Android is not the same as Windows. High memory usage isn't a crucial problem for any Android device using OS 2.2 and higher. RAM is meant to be used on Android. The more free RAM you have, the more is wasted. Android is very good at handling processes and memory with no need for 3rd-party apps. Only use one if you think that the phone is not handling the running processes correctly or maybe an app is stuck running when it shouldn't be. Over using RAM boosters may result in damaging the OS. It would probably take a very specific set of circumstances for the OS to be damaged by over-using a RAM booster but from what I read the risk is there.

The same goes for Android startup managers. I've seen warnings about using them also. If you can't kill an app with the built in Android Application Manager then it's said to not use 3rd party apps and just leave it alone.

If you do insist on using a RAM booster then the best one I have found is Clean Master (Cleaner) - FREE. Just use it sparingly. If your device is running good then don't worry about high RAM usage and trust that Android is doing it's job.

Another good app to have on hand and my 'go-to' app when I think my phone needs a boost is Fast Reboot. I suggested Fast Reboot because all it does is shut down non-crucial apps and sets the device back to the state it's in when it is first turned on or goes through a restart cycle.

If trying everything mentioned above and the device is still acting up you may need to check for OS updates or even consider backing up everything important and do a factory reset.

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