Friday, September 28, 2012

Alternative Windows Desktop Search Tools

The built in Windows Search, formerly known as Windows Desktop Search (WDS), is a nice feature on Windows computers for easily locating files and folders that you may not know the exact location of. However the built in search can be slow and doesn't always find what you know is there.

Third party Windows search tools offer more robust features and some have add-ons.
DocFetcher searches inside your document files! Find yourself looking through tons of documents? Try DocFetcher, a search tool that only searches for documents and text inside of documents saving you time.
Supported Document Formats: Microsoft Office (doc, xls, ppt), Microsoft Office 2007 and newer (docx, xlsx, pptx, docm, xlsm, pptm), Microsoft Outlook (pst), (odt, ods, odg, odp, ott, ots, otg, otp), Portable Document Format (pdf), HTML (html, xhtml, …), Plain text (customizable), Rich Text Format (rtf), AbiWord (abw, abw.gz, zabw), Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (chm), Microsoft Visio (vsd), Scalable Vector Graphics (svg)

One limitation of DocFetcher is that it requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be installed on the computer.

Extra note: If you have forgotten the name of the file or folder you are looking for, using the above search tools, you can type in a partial search term and search. Doing so will still list all of the files and folders containing those letters or numbers.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stolen Camera Finder – find your photos, find your camera

Stolen Camera Finder - This is a pretty cool service that allows users to search the Internet for images taken and uploaded by a possibly stolen camera. Stolen Camera Finder uses the serial number stored in a photo to search the web for photos taken with the same camera. That said, there are limitations like the image must be a valid jpeg file.

For photos to show up, they not only have to have embedded data, but also must be posted somewhere like Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, or any public site. You must register at the website for 1 free search. More than 1 search requires a premium payment. Each service has options with the paid services having many more options than the free service.
  • The Free account allows 1 free search. 
  • The Pro account with a cost of £4.99 each month (around 8 US dollars) and you then get 100 searches per month. 
  • The Business account is £99.99 each month (around $162 US dollars) for unlimited searches per month.  
Stolen Camera Finder Homepage
  • EDIT: Since posting this I have found another service called Camera Trace and it appears to be the same except for pricing. They are wanting $10 per camera or around £7.