Monday, December 29, 2008

Livedrive - Unlimited online storage

Edit: Since posting this I have recieved an email from the LiveDrive team. After beta the service will no longer be free.
How much will the service cost after the beta?
Livedrive is free to use during our beta period. The beta period is a chance for you to give us your feedback about our service and for us to ensure any problems with the service are found before we “go live” in January 2009. After the go-live date Livedrive will be available in two editions with prices ranging from approximately £40 per annum for the standard version to £200 per annum for the business version. Both editions will include unlimited storage.

Livedrive is an online storage service that offers two advantages over most services in this space:
  1. Unlimited file storage
  2. Integration with Windows Explorer
When you install Livedrive (and reboot your computer), you'll notice an L drive show up in Windows Explorer. To copy files to the service, just drag and drop them to the L drive. You can also upload and download files through a web-based interface. And once your files are online you'll be able to access them from any computer using the web client.

Thanks to the Windows Explorer integration, you could easily use LiveDrive as an offsite backup tool like Carbonite or Mozy. Just install your favorite file backup utility and point it to the L drive.

Livedrive is free while in beta, but I have a feeling the company will probably start charging a fee when the beta ends.

Credit to Lifehacker

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